A key finder is a gadget that helps locate missing keys for your car or house. Key finders have several features, but the primary ones are the chain you connect the keys to and a base station or remote. The base station isn’t a direct part of the finder as it stays behind in the car, office, house, etc. Once your keys go missing, you press the base station, and the key chain makes a loud beep that is easy to trace. Let’s expound more on security key finder devices below.

What to know about security key finder devices

Key finders are easy to use, effective with the indicated distance, and perfect for assurance when you have lost your keys. Some key finders are quite advanced such that you can use Bluetooth to connect to your phone and search for lost keys effortlessly. Let us look at several things you should know about these devices.

Who should use key finders?

Anyone can have a key finder. However, those who always have keys in their hands and constantly put them down may need the finders more. There are no limits to who should or shouldn’t buy one because anybody can lose keys.

How are key finders designed?

You can find two primary key finders designs in the market. The most common design is that with a separate key chain and base station. The base station is what you use to activate the beep. The other design replaces the base station with a second chain. So, one chain joins the keys, and the other is what you use to activate the other. Both Key finder designs operate like the phone locator app on your phone. They work whether the lost keys are near you or far from your current location.

Is there any other way key finders work?

In addition to finder designs discussed above, there is a less common design that lacks both the base station and the extra chain. The only way to activate the keys is through clapping, which is only efficient for keys near you. For example, if you drop keys when coming out of your car. It’s impossible to track the keys miles away unless you involve other ways of tracking.

What are the features of key finders´╝č

These devices have extra features besides the base station, key holder, or remote. Some have flashlights that light up when the key chain is activated. The flash plus the beep makes them more noticeable. A timer is another component that some key finders have. It can help track how much time you have left at a parking station. They also come with long-lasting batteries that make the finder portable.

Bottom line

Security key finder devices are not meant for keys only. The fact that they have a chain means you can connect them to anything you don’t want to lose, like a phone, purse, flash disc, etc. These devices are very affordable, yet they help a lot in tracking items. They save time and effort spent searching for your valuables. You can find them on Alibaba, in any design mentioned above, and with varying features.

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