Technological advancements have brought change even in vapes to improve user experiences. VAPORESSO, a well know vape brand, has tried to incorporate COREX heating technology in producing various vape devices. This vape tech aims at ensuring that the e-cigarette devices that apply the technology make long-lasting flavor, which is every vape user’s dream.

The technology uses features like a morph-mesh structure and microfiber cumulus cotton to ensure that the vape meets all user’s vaping desires. The cumulus cotton establishes sufficient e-liquid transfer, while the microfiber allows excellent adsorption of the e-liquid. The main focus of this review is the morph-mesh structure in COREX-based vapes.

Morph-Mesh Structure

The COREX heating technology applies a morph-mesh coil design that aids in precisely reproducing the vape’s flavor. A mesh is generally a metal sheet from nichrome, stainless steel, or kanthal materials and has sides thicker than the central parts. This coil design is the core of COREX-based e-cigarette devices. It deals with issues of inconsistent flavor transfer and inconsistent heating. When the heating and flavor distribution are perfect, a vape device should expect greater efficiency. The increased surface area characteristic of the morph-mesh coil design makes it a game changer. It translates to more heating and ideal flavor distribution.

Advantages of a morph-mesh coil structure

COREX tech, in conjunction with the improved mesh design, has given vapers more reasons to go for e-cigarette devices that apply the technology. Here are reasons why the morph-mesh design has more upper hand than any other coil structure.

1. Heating consistency

Thanks to the coil design’s large surface area, the mesh coil has made it possible for vape devices to have consistent heating. Heating is critical in any vape; therefore, the device becomes more effective when it is in line. The design provides smooth and uniform hits to the vaper.

2. Power efficiency

A morph-mesh coil uses low power wattage, consequently leading to low power usage. With a vape that applies the COREX heating technology, the user has an assurance of enhanced battery power saving. That implies that the vape’s battery will give the user a prolonged service life. According to VAPORESSO, COREX heating tech’s mesh structure ensures only 34% power consumption.

3. Rapid firing

Unlike the traditional mesh, morph-mesh establish rapid coil firing. An e-cigarette with a quick firing rate is more effective and ensures the vaper gets strong throat hits. The rapid coil firing rate also aims at the perfect production of vapor.

4. Optimal flavor delivery

Most vapers dream of having a vape that provides optimal flavor distribution. The large surface area in the morph-mesh coil structure is a great feature that allows even and optimal allocation of vape flavor. Therefore, the user will have a more refined taste of every flavor of the vape device.

5. Durability

The morph-mesh structure ensures the longevity of the coil due to even heat distribution. Consistent heat distribution with the mesh design ensures that heat does not focus on one coil part. Therefore, there will be less coil straining. A user will not need to replace the coil as much as when using traditional coils.


If you want the best vaping experience, vape devices made with COREX heating technology are the real deal. It is the latest technology that ensures vapers have a vaping experience of a lifetime. The vape tech provides that all the flavor doesn’t go to waste since vapor production is consistent and does not stop until it consumes all the flavor. It is undoubtedly a worthy investment for all vapers.

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