Do you have deep wave hair? You might be wondering what different styles you can try with it. Here are some styling tips to make the most of your wave wigs, if that’s in your mind.

Changing the Style

Deep wave hair is also a personal choice; everybody can style it. Some people like to change the look of wave hair by curling them while others try straightening it. Both are good styling ideas. The problem with deep waves is that you can’t completely straighten them. Changing its overall style will be a big mistake if you have a synthetic version in hand. However, when straightening or curling, go for smaller strands to have an optimum result and give it a dab of hairspray to make the style last longer.

Dyeing Your Hair Wigs

You can pick a Golden brown color for your deep wave hair wig. This shade gives a friendly touch, giving an extra glow to people with olive skin tone complementing with warm-colored eyes, like brown, hazel, honey, green. It’ll give a soft and cozy vibe, and every dress, regardless of its color, will look great with it.

You can turn your human hair into a dark red shade as well. It will be a refreshing change into your persona. Girls with fair complexion can go with red, while maroon works excellent with brown skin.

Add some highlights

There is no need to dye your hair every time completely. The simple idea is to add some golden, blonde, or ash green highlights. Before you try any color, it’s good to check what’s trendy. The more you check the latest highlights trend, the better color idea you can get. Adding glossy touch to your highlight is another great idea. If you are not mood to use hair colors, you can get some strands with highlights. You need to make a clear contrast of colors to make your look prominent. Highlight wigs strands are super affordable. You can get them in multiple shades to try different highlights at different times.

Creating Braids

When wearing deep wave hair in your routine life, you should try pulling off braids. The French braid looks excellent. However, side braiding is a fantastic idea to try. The side fishtail braid is quite tricky, but when you follow the complete guide presented by Instagrammers, it’s not a challenge anymore to create sleek braids on your waves.

Applying Hair Protection Serum

Deep wave hair needs a bit of care and maintenance. You need to apply some hair protection serum when you use iron on them. Don’t think of turning deep waves into curls, as there is no going back from this style. Some girls apply gel and then start curling hair. If you do this on your synthetic hair, you may feel it hard to get the gel off your hair. However, it would help if you used a hair protection serum, so heat doesn’t cause any deep to deep wave hair when you have human hair.

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