The sarong men fabric is acquiring so much admiration in many countries. Different countries have different names for this fabric. In Indonesia, it’s a sarong; in Tahiti, it’s a pareo; in Africa, it’s kanga; in India, it’s a lungi; in Greece, it’s a Toga. Sarong for men may seem too much in some countries. However, wearing it on the beach or a pool during a hot summer is not such an issue. The comfort that the fabric gives someone is what’s so fascinating. The difference between a man’s sarong and a woman’s sarong is in the style of tying it.

Steps to follow when tying a men’s sarong

Different cultures have their way of tying a sarong. However, in the case of sarong for men, the process is the same for most cultures. The wrapping style may vary depending on the sarong type. Here are steps to follow when tying a flat and a tube men sarong.

Tying a flat men’s sarong

Step 1: With the top side of the sarong above the waist, hold it from behind. Straighten it from both sides to avoid folds and wrinkles on the fabric.

Step 2: Ensure the sarong fabric is stretched tightly before crossing the left side of the sarong to the right side of your hip. Do not extend the left side fabric past your right hip.

Step 3: With the right side of the fabric still out, cross it to the left side and hook it with your fingers with the fabric crossed to the right side of the hip. Hold the short edge of the sarong using your right hand and the longer edge using your left hand. Tighten any loose side of the fabric.

Step 4: Release the short edge and use your right hand to press the left side of the belly button. Tuck the short sarong over the hand. Tuck many times until it reaches your belly button, and there is no more fabric.

Step 5: Fold the fabric peeking out, including the top side. For the sarong to stay in place, fold up to three times.

Tying a tube men sarong

Step 1: Since a tube sarong is in a tube form, you need to step into it or wear it through the head. Hold it at the waist with sarong’s dark line at the back.

Step 2: Stretch the fabric to one side of the waist and pull the other to tighten it.

Step 3: Bring the fabric peeking out to the front of the body and stretch to tighten it against the waist. Fold the fabric against the body.

Step 4: Stretch the other part of the fabric to the other side of the body and then toll the top part of the fabric down several times until it’s secure. The last roll must be just above your hips to keep the sarong secure for a long time.


Tying sarong for men might seem hard, especially for beginners. However, you might as well become an expert in tying the sarong with practice. Whether you have a flat or a tube sarong, tying it is crucial if you what it to be tightly secure for a long time. If the sarong loosens, the best thing to do is refold it again. If you have the suitable sarong fabric, wrapping it around is effortless.

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