The perfect cosmetic aid for your skin and makeup is blotting paper. They are the go-to saviors when it comes to sweat and shine. If they sound new to you, sit tight; you’re in for quite a ride.

Blotting papers help in keeping your makeup set at all times, especially when you get sweaty. Asides from this, they control the appearance of shine on your skin. Other secondary uses of blotting paper include using it when you’re out of dry shampoo, keeping your lipstick on for longer, and reducing the appearance of large pores.

Before using blotting paper, you need to know why you need it for your skin and how to use it. The why has been discussed above, and then how will be discussed shortly, as you read on.

How To Use Blotting Paper For Your Skin

Using blotting paper for your skin is quite a simple task, to be candid, even if you’re a newbie. Follow these simple and easy steps, and you’re sure to get that much-needed refreshing look.

The first step is to remove one sheet from the pack of oil blotting sheets. And then gently pat the sheet on the oily part of your face, then leave the sheet on those areas for a few seconds.

After these few seconds, you can now lift the sheet off and go on with whatever you’re doing. Repeat this continuously wherever you see shine or oil on your skin. When patting your face with the sheets, do not rub it in or press too hard. Always make sure to start with the T-zone area because this is where your oil collects more.

In the case of using it on your made-up face, avoid rubbing or moving the blotting paper around your face to prevent messing up your makeup. You can easily pull it off your face after patting in one action.

As you use the blotting paper for your skin, you’ll notice that your skin’s shine reduces, and as the shine reduces, the blotting paper becomes more see-through.

To get better results and reduce the likelihood of skin irritations, it is advisable to use different sheets for the different oily areas. Doing this also depends on the level of your oil production.

You should know that using the same sheet allows your skin to contact the oil you’ve already removed earlier with said sheets, hence leading to acne production.

Compared to tissues and face wipes, which many people are more familiar with, blotting papers are more absorbent. Although tissues and face wipes are quite absorbent on their own, you will have to re-apply your makeup as it is likely to get smudged.


Whether you’re using blotting sheets on your face directly or on your makeup, you need not worry about not getting your matte finish look. Follow the easy steps stated above on how to use blotting paper for your skin, and you will never regret ditching tissues and facial wipes.

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